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“I had my left hip replaced and found the whole process from initial discussions to final visit prior to discharge was handled professionally with a wealth of information pertaining to the treatment being provided throughout the appointments. Professor Pearce maintained a close watch on progress particularly on a minor complication that arose. I will have no hesitation in Professor Pearce conducting the replacement of my other hip when required.”

“Professor Pearce carried out a complete left knee replacement on myself during July 2017. I consider myself most fortunate to have benefited from the skill of Professor Pearce and his team at the Saxon Clinic.

Professor Pearce carried out an in-depth consultation with my wife and myself reassuring us of the utmost care and attention at all times. My wife and I felt totally at ease regarding the procedure and recovery. Fortunately as per Professor Pearce’s prediction I made a full and speedy recovery.

During my final consultation with Professor Pearce he informed me that due to following instructions from his recovery team I am among the top 5% knee replacement patients in the country.I am of the opinion that my recovery was in most part down to the skills demonstrated by Professor Pearce and his excellent ability assure me of the outcome of having the operation. I am now able to walk and climb stairs with no pain what so ever.”

“I've had 2 successful operations both carried out by Professor Pearce, the first following a fractured Tibia and Fibia and the second for a replacement hip. Both operations were carried out in a professional manner by both Professor Pearce and the nursing team and I received a first class service on both occasions. Although being in Hospital is never a wanted experience, I would never hesitate receiving treatment from Professor Pearce in the future.”

“At the relatively young age of 53 I required double hip replacements which was a somewhat daunting thought. Professor Pearce guided me through this decision professionally and sympathetically. The preparation, care during and after the operations was excellent and kind and encouraging. The whole team worked really hard on my behalf to get me up and mobile as quickly as possible. I am now 7 months post operations and am back playing tennis and have been on one ski trip and about to go on another. Last year I could barely walk through the airport after a ski trip, this year no stopping me! Best decision I ever made to have them both done at the same time. Thank you.”

“I found the explanation as to the cause and effect of arthritis in my right knee clear and concise. Similarly the run through of knee replacement procedure, possible risks and what to expect post op. were stated simply and without bias. I am very pleased with the subsequent outcome and will have no hesitation in approaching Professor Pearce to similarly deal with my left  knee in the near future.”

“Professor Pearce performed the removal of a bucket handle tear of the medial meniscus of my left knee, which was the result of a sporting injury. Once the MRI scan results were available Professor Pearce took swift action to ensure that the procedure could be performed asap. In fact, having diagnosed the injury, Professor Pearce and his team were able to negotiate a fast track approval from Bupa and ensure that I was in theatre the very next day.

Throughout the process all information given was clear and concise as well as likely recovery times and associated risks. The procedure was a great success and I was back playing sport again 4 weeks later. I would not hesitate in recommending Professor Pearce to other patients with Knee injuries and would like to thank Professor Pearce and his team for going out of their way to ensure that action was taken at the earliest opportunity.”

“I first met Professor Pearce when he performed a right hip replacement. Prior to the surgery I was in constant pain, unable to walk any distance. The successful surgery had enabled me to live life to the full. The follow up care by his team was totally professional. The physiotherapy was also very good. Last year I started to develop pain in my left hip so once again I went to Professor Pearce, where I was given great advice. I subsequently had my left hip replaced, again the follow up care was brilliant. Prior to each operation Professor Pearce was very relaxed and reassuring. I am now once again pain free and able to do all I want to. It is great to walk for long distances without pain. It has rejuvenated my life. I have recently to see a chiropractor for neck pain. I have had a total body x-ray. The chiropractor has been very complementary about the hip replacements. He has said that they are excellent and have not impacted on my spine at all. He has seen many hip replacements which have really impacted on the spine and caused many more problems. I cannot thank Professor Pearce and his team enough. I am so grateful to the skill, expertise and reassurance I received during the operations.”

“Professor Pearce performed a replacement knee operation after two knee arthroscopy ops that gave me some relief, but eventually I had to have the full operation.

I always found him to be very professional, likable, down to earth, and told it like it is. He explained things very well and always eased any nervousness that you may have.

He always kept you informed post op on how it all went and how best to aid your own recovery.

I have no problems in recommending him for any of the procedures he specialises in...”

“I am so pleased with my hip replacement and have 'my life back' as I am able to do gardening, gentle yoga, pilates and walking, all with ease and without pain. Professor Pearce and his wonderful team were friendly and professional throughout and spent time explaining everything fully to me. Obviously Professor Pearce's reputation speaks for itself and I would have no hesitation in recommending him, not least because I feel he listened to me as an individual and helped to make the experience of surgery far less daunting. I truly appreciate how different my life is post surgery and every day offer up a silent 'thank you'!”

“Thank you for performing the complete knee replacement of my left knee. The operation has been a great success as I now have the mobility to even use my exercise bike and best of all no pain. When my right knee becomes more painful. I will have no hesitation in contacting you again to perform another miracle.”

“As a former patient of Professor Oliver Pearce I would like to place on record my appreciation not only of his excellent surgical skills but also on the charming way in which I was received during my consultation. Professor Pearce explained the procedure thoroughly in "lay terms" and I felt comfortable and safe in his very skilled hands. I am happy to say that I have made an excellent recovery after surgery and would not hesitate in consulting Professor Pearce if the occasion arose.”

“I was 87 and had had a pacemaker implanted eight years earlier. I was experiencing pain and severe restriction to my mobility and realised that a knee replacement was probably needed. I was apprehensive concerning surgery due to this medical history. At the initial consultation the full implications were clearly explained and as a result I gained the confidence to proceed with the operation. A few weeks later I was walking without any aids. Seven months later I am enjoying the relief obtained. I now have only modest discomfort which I was told to expect. I am very grateful for the skill, and guidance, that Professor Oliver Pearce provided and in addition appreciated his friendly manner.”

“I first met Professor Oliver Pearce when I was referred to the Saxon Clinic for a total hip replacement. The consultation was extremely reassuring and I was made to feel totally at ease. As there was not an up to date Xray of my hip, Professor Pearce organised this immediately and within 15 minutes this was complete and I was back in his office discussing the pending operation. The day of the operation Professor Pearce again was very reassuring and I felt confident and relaxed. The next morning Professor Pearce checked all had gone well and discussed how the operation had gone. My progress since the operation had been amazing. I walk on average 35 miles a week, swim and have more energy now than I've had for ages. I am very grateful to the skill, expertise and reassurance I received throughout this experience.”

“My total knee replacement by you and your team was carried out in a very professional and caring manner. I was frozen from the waist down but you and your team still  made sure I was totally relaxed prior to the operation. I was awake during the whole procedure and can remember talking to you throughout. The after care by the MK Hospital staff, Physiotherapists as well as you and your team has been superb. The pain that I suffered prior to the operation has now gone. At the present I am experiencing stiffness in my knee, but the physiotherapist ensures me that if I continue with the exercises prescribed this will improve.Thanks again”

“I am pleased to be able to give a honest testimonial to the quality of the treatment in your hands. The treatment from you and your team was first rate. My knee replacement has been a wonderful success and I am now able to enjoy my life to the full. I am able to garden, walk my dog and work on my allotment all these things I was finding to painful to do. I feel I had the minimum of pain and discomfort after the operation and a extremely speedy recovery.This I believe was mainly down to your skill and knowledge. If in the future if I was to need another Orthopaedic procedure I would feel extremely fortunate if you were the surgeon.”

“My  mother has been patient of Professor Pearce for several years and initially saw him when he used to practise in Reading.Then, when the arthritis in her knees worsened she again choose to see Professor Pearce in Milton Keynes, despite living in Berkshire and having a return journey of over a hundred miles. She continued to see Professor Pearce for her knee treatment because he is very professional, knowledgeable, very caring, respectful and through. When you see him you have a piece of my mind that you are in good hands and for my mother that's been 90% of the challenge as operations have their general level of stress and this was one less thing to worry about. Another good thing about Professor Pearce is that he listens to you and seek your opinion rather than force his own. For example when he said to my mother have the operation when you think you need it rather than say have it now. For all the good reasons I hope my mother doesn't need to see Professor Pearce again, however should she have the need its good to know I can take her to someone as good as Professor Pearce's.

Also I remember you wanted something on the changes in care in ward between the operations. When my Mum had her first knee replacement surgery two years ago she was put in a dedicated ward for her recovery, where the nurse to patient ratio was better and she received good after care and was walking the day after the operation. However this time with the combined ACU Centre, although most of the nurses were great, they were constantly over-worked and stretched and more so on the weekends and my mum was not walking until at least 2-days after the operation. I would strongly recommend the move to the previous model with dedicated ward with more nurses. One further recommendation I would also make is that ACU Centre needs much better cover over the weekend and nights so that they can be more responsive to patients.

Thanks once again for all you have done for my mum.”

Professor Oliver Pearce replaced one of my hips and I have always found him to be very approachable and a good listener. He was reassuring as I had a replacement many years ago. He was able to give clear advice on how the operation will work and followed this through with good after care after the operation. He was kind and committed to me as a patient and I felt I was in good hands all the time.

“Having someone who is dedicated and listens to a patient is of upmost importance in this day and age and this Professor Oliver Pearce did very well indeed. Up to today, I have no complaints and lead a full life at the age of 81. Thank you.”

“From the very first time I met Professor Pearce, his manor demonstrated warm and friendly confidence. I immediately felt at ease. This friendly but highly professional approach continued throughout the examination and subsequent procedures on a very painful knee injury. By nature I am always inquisitive, with the firm belief that the only stupid question is the one you don't ask. Professor Pearce answered all of my questions comprehensively and in a way that was easy to understand, at no time did I feel that I was being a nuisance. Preparing for any procedure is not just about the patient: it also impacts close family members. I am pleased to say that his open and friendly approach was also extended to my family; again this was immensely reassuring for everyone. Both of my children inspire to be doctors, taken the medical skills as a given I will be immensely proud of them both if they learn to have the social skills of Professor Pearce – it makes so much difference at what can be a very difficult time.”

“I was referred to Professor Pearce as I had been suffering from a very painful knee due to a fall and arthritis. 

After seeing Professor Pearce twice he suggested that he could operate on my knee which he did.  The operation made a great deal of difference and changed my life for the better.

Many thanks Professor Pearce”

After months of pain with my knee, I met Professor Pearce, who had a very clear understanding of what the problem was.  I soon felt very confident that he would be the right surgeon for me.

I was soon sent for an ProfessorI, which confirmed Professor Pearce's diagnosis and within a few weeks he operated upon my bad knee. His standards are extremely high and he has a very friendly and helpful nature, which I found particularly comforting.

My follow-up aftercare has been excellent and as such, my sincerest thanks goes to Professor Pearce and his brilliant team; I would not hesitate to recommend them.

“I had a revision knee replacement by Professor Oliver Pearce seven weeks ago. From the very first consultation Professor Pearce made me feel relaxed and confident in his ability as a surgeon to perform my operation. He explained with clarity what would happen and how the surgery will help correct the problem with my initial knee replacement. On the day of my surgery, Professor Pearce made my feel comfortable by explained in detail what I could expect during and after the surgery. I would recommend Professor Pearce as an excellent surgeon.”

“Professor Pearce was recommended to me by several friends who had had hip or knee replacements and they were very confident to recommend him, saying, they were delighted with the outcome of their surgery, that he instilled confidence and was very easy to get on with. Therefore, in 2016 and 2017 respectively, Professor Pearce performed hip replacement surgery on my two very deteriorated hip joints and I now have two fully functional, pain free, flexible hips, both perfectly aligned for leg length and I walk with no sign of a limp. Professor Pearce was very approachable, kind and considerate and ready to discuss and answer the questions I had, this removed any anxieties about the condition and the operation and instilled confidence in him as a surgeon. Both operations were a great success, I was up walking the following day and fully mobile soon after.  I was also impressed with the Pain Pathway Regime Professor Pearce has developed, this prevents and controls post operative pain and discomfort for all patients, and for me it worked very well.

I would highly recommend Professor Pearce to anyone contemplating referral to an Orthopaedic Surgeon and thank him wholeheartedly for a very successful personal outcome that enabled me to resume a fully active life.”

“I had a replacement hip operation performed by Prof. Oliver Pearce on the 14-8-17 at the Saxon clinic the whole procedure went very well I was particularly pleased with the anaesthetic as when I awoke I had no after affects in all if you must have a hip replacement  I would certainly recommend the surgeon and the clinic.”

“I was referred by my GP to Professor Oliver Pearce for a total hip replacement following months of pain and decreasing mobility. From initial consultation through to final discharge, Professor Pearce took time and patience to fully explain the procedure and answer questions, to me and my immediate family in a reassuring, understandable and professional manner.”

“I had the good fortune of having Professor Pearce carry out total knee replacement operations on both my severely arthritic knees in 2016-2017. While I would stop short of saying it was a pleasure, I can however say that I count myself very fortunate indeed that it was Professor Pearce who did the work. Both knees are now much, much better and he has in effect given me a new lease of life! Professor Pearce is clearly eminent in this field and deservedly so judging by my experience; but he is also a very approachable, sympathetic, patient-oriented doctor whose cool, informal but professional manner inspires trust and confidence.”

“I had never had an operation before but Professor Pearce put me at my ease immediately and clearly explained the procedure. There was time for questions and then I was able to say “Yes I would like a new hip”. He visited me when the time of the operation was delayed, also each morning after the procedure. Truly a surgeon with the personal touch!”

“I went into the Saxon Clinic for a total knee replacement in June last year absolutely terrified having heard several horror stories of this particular operation. Oliver Pearce came to see me just before the operation for a chat which was peppered with several jokes and my internal terror subsided considerably. The operation was a great success and I can't thank him enough for inspiring so much confidence so quickly.”

“I had been suffering from pain in my back and right hip for approximately 6 months which, despite visits to the physio and no reflection on his work, did not improve. After getting me through to my much looked forward to, ski holiday, he suggested it was now time have further investigations on what was causing the problem, which by this time was preventing me from doing many of the sports I enjoyed. After investigating my options, and reading many biographies, I decided on Professor Pearce at the Saxons Clinic, and I am so pleased I did!

From the first consultation, Professor Pearce made me feel at ease, going through the X-ray with me and showing me what exactly the issue was. He took the time to carefully explain my options, listened to my questions, of which there were many, along with my fears and anxieties. He treated me with patience and respect and I never felt pressurised into going straight to surgery.

Eventually the time came when the quality of life had deteriorated to such an extent that walking became more difficult because of the pain and therefore it was time for another appointment with Professor Pearce. Professor Pearce again discussed with me the surgery option and as a result I felt confident that the time was right to have my hip surgery.

Undergoing any surgery is daunting but, and on the actual day I felt vulnerable and scared, however, a visit from Professor Pearce allayed those feelings. Professor Pearce and his excellent team were friendly, kind, supportive and above all else professional in what they were doing, and I felt completely safe in their hands.

Five months later, I am able to walk distances without pain and 'range anxiety', I have started back in the gym, and am looking forward to my first short holiday break away, something I haven’t done in over a year. I hope never to have to see Professor Pearce again but, should I ever have need of an Orthopaedic surgeon, Professor Pearce will be top of my list!”

“I was referred to Professor Pearce in late 2015 after suffering pain and restricted movement in my knees for some time. After XRays it was diagnosed that I had arthritis in my knees. Professor Pearce recommended knee replacement for both knees.

The left knee was replaced in January 2016 followed by the right knee a year later in 2017. Both operations were 110% successful. I can now do nearly everything that I was able to do 50 years ago with no pain or stiffness in the joints.

I cannot praise Professor Pearce and the staff at the Saxon Clinic enough for their care, professionalism and understanding.”

“I first met Professor Pearce when he performed a full right knee replacement a few years ago which was a complete success. The follow up care was totally professional and I would highly recommend Professor Pearce. I subsequently had my other knee replaced last April by a different surgeon. I had had hip problems on the same side before the second knee replacement. However, the knee was the worst of the two at the time, so I had the knee replaced, not the hip. Unfortunately whilst recovering from the knee surgery, the pain from the hip was excruciating and I therefore decided to get Professor Pearce's advice on what to do, knowing that I would get an honest and professional opinion. I had a Private Consultation with Professor Pearce. He agreed that the hip did need a full replacement and I told him that I would be prepared to pay privately if it helped to speed the waiting time up. Professor Pearce could have booked me in there and then for a private hip replacement and charged me a fortune. Instead he told me it would be just as quick on the fast track NHS waiting list with one of the other surgeons, than it would be to wait for his diary. True to his word, I had had the full hip replacement within 4 weeks of my consultation with him. A genuine, honest and brilliant Surgeon.”

“For many years I had experienced knee pain and being an active man with interests such as hiking and cycling. Eventually the pain got so severe I was referred to Professor Pearce. Following a diagnosis of absent cartilage total knee replacement was performed. The surgery and recovery was thankfully very successful so much so that I am completely pain free now and back to my old active self. The post op exercises are tough and painful but if you act on the advice given the end result is wonderful. I would like to thank Professor Pearce and his team for enabling me to be pain free again.”

A short note to thank you for your excellent work on my knee. From the first meeting through to completion you explained the procedure very clearly. The outcome of the keyhole surgery was as you hoped and all pain disappeared after a few weeks. Since then my knee has been working well and remains pain free. Any further problems and I hope that you can treat me again.”

“My new hip is now just over six months old and this note is to say a big thank you for the great job you did.

I'm back doing all the things I want to (golf, DIY, gardening etc) and leave tomorrow for our annual walking holiday in the Lake District... the difference is that this year I'll be at the front of the group again and pain free. Thanks again.”

”I first met Professor Pearce at a Q and A evening at a local hospital and was pleasantly surprised to find a Consultant who was sympathetic to my personal needs, and  concise and helpful  in his explanations regarding my pending knee replacement surgery. He continued his support during my stay at the General Hospital. (Professor Pearce  also went above and beyond what is required when he spent the majority of a Saturday morning trying to  organise an ambulance transfer.)

I found Professor Pearce to be professional, supportive and kind at a time when I felt quite vulnerable and would have no hesitation in requesting Professor Pearce as my Consultant should I ever be in need of an Orthopaedic Surgeon again in the future.”

“At 85 after four hip operations, I hoped that, though arthritic and slow moving, I had done with surgeons, operations and hospitals. However, by the end of 2012 it was clear that my right hip, then some 15 years old, was worn out.

Until then all my surgery had been carried out by a personal friend, at the same private hospital, where the facilities were excellent and had been covered by medical insurance. The snags arose when earlier in 2012 I decided that I could no longer afford the ever-rising insurance premium and then my friend, the orthopaedic surgeon retired. I would be just another patient in Milton Keynes General Hospital and operated on by a surgeon I could not choose.

I need not have worried. In my first and only interview with Oliver Pearce before the operation, he was quite clear and convincing on the need for it. He seemed to me young, positive, fit, competent and cheerful. I was greatly relieved and left confident that I would be in good hands. I asked that the operation should be delayed until January when my garden would be at its least demanding. 'No problem' he said as his list was full until then anyway. I was unaware then how lucky I was to be on his list in the first place.

Professor Pearce operated in mid January this year. Afterwards he reported that there had been no problems but notes that I had been left 2 cm shorter on my other leg, something I was unaware of.

My recovery both in hospital and at home has been swift and straight forward. My sanity depends on the garden, books, music and whiskey. I was back in the garden in good time for Spring and am altogether most grateful to Oliver Pearce.

I had the pleasure of meeting with Professor Oliver Pearce after suffering for more than two years with an infection in my right hip which caused severe pain. The pain was so extreme that it had taken most of my mobility leaving me house bound, unable to walk, and having to rely on a wheelchair.

Professor Pearce was prepared to operate on my hip and suggested that he remove the hip replacement that I already had. He recommended that the hip replacement be completely removed, I was then sent home for a period of 6 weeks without a hip joint and I returned to hospital having allowed time for the anti-biotics to have killed the infection and then had a new hip replacement. This was the procedure which was carried out and the operation was a complete success. I am now able to walk again and am no longer house bound.

Meeting with Professor Pearce was probably the best thing that could have happened to me as I was at a very low point in my life having struggled with so much pain for such a long time. I feel like I have been given my old life back and have gained lots of confidence. During consultation with Professor Pearce he was always so understanding and had all the time in the world for me to give his advice and showed remarkable compassion. I always went away from my consultations with piece of mind, and knowing exactly what was going to happen next.

I cannot praise Professor Pearce enough for what he did for me and I feel very lucky that I met him. In my opinion we are privileged to have such a wonderful Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon at Milton Keynes Hospital.

Having played rugby, cricket and squash in my youth, my knees have incurred most of the damage resulting in several operations. Now, in my seventies, I still attended the gym regularly but knee pain was severely inhibiting my exercise routines. Having had various pieces of cartilage removed over the years I was doubtful that anything could be done. However, after a very considerate consultation with Professor Pearce, a scan was quickly organised and I was advised that a light trimming of the offending cartilage should do the trick. My overnight stay and operation at the Saxon Clinic was very comfortable and after a very short procedure Professor Pearce was able to confirm that I should be able to exercise without pain and this was proved to be the case. At all times Professor Pearce was considerate and was always prepared to give me time to ask questions and for him to point out options for treatment. I would have no hesitation in recommending Professor Pearce to anyone with orthopaedic problems. I found him to be a thoroughly personable young man who obviously has the skills to solve a lot of painful conditions.

“My right knee replacement was carried out exactly one year ago. Every day I marvel at the way in which I can now walk and carry  on with my life totally pain free and with no sign of a limp whatsoever. The scar is a feint white line and hardly noticeable. I was in such dreadful pain for such a long while. I can now walk as far as I wish without ANY discomfort. The care and treatment were first class!”

“I can honestly state that I felt that the treatment that I received for both my full knee replacement in September 2012 and arthroscopy in May 2013 was “top notch”. Professor Pearce’s manner was very relaxed and I felt that I was in the right hands. During every consultation, he explained everything and ensured that I fully understood all the implications.

During the procedures themselves, I was “awake” for the knee replacement and despite being very busy, he engaged with me in a manner which helped me to relax. The post-operative consultations were carried out with a great deal of empathy and acknowledgement of my slow rehabilitation and at no time did I feel pressurised to do more than I was doing to aid recovery.

Finally, I can recommend him for his excellent “needlework” – both the scars on my full replacement and arthroscopies are healing extremely well and are almost invisible!”